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Celery Juice

About a year ago I started hearing more and more about a person called Medical Medium.

If you have instagram im sure you have come across the trend of people drinking celery juice first thing in the morning. Medical Medium started this trend, because he preaches about the benefits of celery.

If you want to understand more about celery and its healing benefits you should definitely add his book called "Cleanse to heal" to your list of Must Reads.

After reading about it and struggling with a bad form of eczema on my hands I thought id give it a shot.

I started drinking 16oz of Celery juice ( fresh squeezed ) every morning on an empty stomach 20 min before my breakfast. Because it is supposed to cleanse your body from toxins, my stomach went upside down for a week. But slowly my body started to adjust to my new routine and I started seeing incredible changes. I used to feel bloated a lot and also my digestion wasn't a 100% from all the traveling I had to do for work, but drinking the celery every morning, made huge positive changes to my digestion and body in general. My stomach has been so much better, bloating is a thing of the past and my digestion is working great again. On top of that, my skin started glowing and my eczema started to disappear.

Of course when I travel its hard to have a fresh juiced celery juice every morning so I try to be as consistent as possible when im at home and then take a break when im traveling.

But its been so beneficial for me and im a huge fan.

I can only recommend celery juicing !

( this is also just my own personal experience and im not a health professional so please make sure you inform yourself before you start this cleanse)

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