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My Favorite At Home Workout Classes

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

2020 has been a crazy year, full of changes.

One of the biggest changes during the Pandemic and being in quarantine, is the way that we are all working out. On demand/ Online workouts are on the rise and there are no more excuses to not workout from home.

Theres plenty of amazing classes that can easily be done in a small space and if you're not in the mood for a full hour workout theres also plenty of 20-30min class options.

While I enjoyed taking some time off working out in the beginning I also realized how important it is to keep moving and to keep staying active. Not only for your physical health but also for your mental health. Ive worked out with so many different Trainers over the years because staying in shape and also having fun while exercising was always very important to me.

If it was getting ready for the annual Victorias Secret Show, a big swim job or just for myself, I love feeling fit and strong.

I decided to put together a list of my favorite trainers and their on demand workouts that you can do anywhere and at anytime :)


The Sculpt Society

I absolutely LOVE Megan Roups workout. its the perfect mix of cardio and toning but in such a fun way that cardio suddenly doesn't sound so scary and exhausting anymore.

It was one of my go-to workouts for the VS fashion show as it gets you in shape super quick and also helps to boost your mood because the cardio part is very similar to dancing and releases lots of endorphins. You should definitely try her workouts online.


Define London

Ashley Verma who started define in London has also helped me a lot to get my body in perfect shape.

Each class concept is thoroughly designed to create a stronger, leaner, a more Define’d you. Regular classes will achieve a sculpted body as well as improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility and reduced stress levels.

I can only recommend trying her live workouts!!



Evolve has changed my booty forever.

Its the number one workout in my opinion to get an amazing well rounded booty.

Its a lot of very small controlled movements but its also the workout that got me defined lines and perfectly toned for my first Victorias secret show.

Its an amazing toning video and also great for stretching.

Im a huge fan and the on demand workouts are perfect for a quick at home workout to get your peachy bum back :P


Tasha Franken is a friend of mine who also has been a model for many years.

She recently started to do her own workout classes online via youtube and instagram and let me tell you.. they are AWESOME. ( and freaking hard )

I love her quick workouts and they are so effective and really push you!

One of my got to workouts when im too lazy to leave the house but want to feel like I really did a good workout at home.


Melissa Woodhealth does amazing workouts and meditation.

She's also very inspiring and definitely worth following her on instagram.

I love her workouts because they are so effective and she has such a wide range of workouts that are great to start your day with. She has such a good energy and always puts me in a positive mood.

Theres so many more great workouts but those are the ones I've been doing for the longest and therefore I wanted to share them with you guys first


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