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Skin Care favorites

Being a Model it is super important to take care of your skin. All the traveling and tons of make up for jobs can take a toll on your skin so I've always tried my best to be as conscious as possible of taking care of my skin during times off or traveling.

Skincare means so much to me as i'm trying to take care of it early on in order to be able to avoid wrinkles or too much botox ( not against it at all and will probably want it at some point ) in the future.

Ive always spend quite a lot of money on skincare, but there's definitely also some cheaper brands that work great and i'll do another post on them too.

I change up my skin care routine every few month and these products below have been incredible for me! My skin has never been so soft and healthy !

111Skin Masks are most Make up Artists favorites.

I first learned of them on Photoshoot and ive been in in love with them ever since.

This one especially is the de-puffing mask, which is great for the mornings to start your day. they have eye masks from the same line swell and the combination works great for me when I wake up and feel too puffy in my face.

I also love the rose gold mask which is great to use before you have a glamorous night out as its really hydrating and makes sure you're make up stays on all night.

The 111Skin Face Peel is super popular and Ive been looking for a good face peel for a long time now. What I love about this specific one is that it doesn't tingle too much and leaves your skin with an amazing glow. I use it once every two weeks because I don't want to stress my skin too much.. I leave it on for 10 minutes before I go to bed and then use a rich moisturizer right after.

111SKIN's 'Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Duo' is a quick fix to reduce puffiness after a long flight or when you're lacking sleep. I just recently added this one to my skincare and I love it. Step 1 tingles a bit but not too much and it really helped me to reduce puffiness around my eyes when I had a bad night sleep.

The 111Skin Contour gel has been in my routine for a while now. I use it only on the expression parts of my face to avoid early wrinkles from it.

The Augustinus Bader Cream has been a complete game changer. Its all over instagram and therefore I was super skeptic, but I have to say its totally worth the hype!

Its consistency is amazing and its worked wonders on my dry skin.

In Winter or when I am flying I use the "rich" cream as there is a thicker cream, the one here and a lighter version of it.

This is the lighter version of the previous Augustinus Bader Cream I just posted.

I usually use this one in the mornings every day.

OKAY!!! So this Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment is literally MAGIC.

My number one treatment, because it was a complete game changer and I can't live without it anymore. Its not Cheap, but worth every cent.

It clears up any impurities and made my skin so soft and flat, its crazy!

Most of my friends swear by it swell and if there was only one skincare product I could have this would be the ONE! I use it every night before I go to bed and only a tiny amount is plenty enough.

The Sunday Riley Saturn spot cream is great for breakouts.

Im very lucky and rarely get any spots but when I do this is the spot cream that is my go to.

I love the summer Fridays Jetlag mask.. its sells out so quickly because its just such a great hydrating mask with some many benefits. Rich in vitamin C for radiant skin Hydrates, nourishes, exfoliates and protects Free from sulphates, silicones, parabens and synthetic dyes and fragrance Formulated with chestnut extract and niacinamide Cruelty-free and suitable for vegans Non-comedogenic


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